Unusual Plants and Flowers

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The Flame Lily
 The Flame Lily is nature at its best , or as it is  known  in India, the Glory Lily. This lily thrives in  sandy  coastal  areas and is considered a weed. It  is a perennial  plant that  is a great climber. The  Flame lily  grows in  flower  gardens too, and is  known as a prized ornamental  plant.  As most lilies,  this one is  poisonous to  humans  and some animals, so it is necessary to be cautious  around  it. However, it is  truly beautiful and  unusual. 

 Beehive Ginger



The Beehive Ginger plant This weird flower is called the Beehive Ginger and is similar to the pine cone family, but is really related to the ginger plant. They smell like ginger and their little ‘honeycombs’ or ‘cups’ collect water. Growing to 2 metres in height limits having them growing inside as they would need very large pots.The tiny white flowers which look like tiny honeybees, grow between the brachts. (honeycombs) These brachts change colour from a pretty yellow to red. Beehive Ginger lasts quite a long time after being cut so it is enjoyed by many flower lovers.   


Dancing Girls found by Yeppoon Floristry


 Dancing Girls (Impatiens bequaertii are very rare and are difficult to find. They are native to  East Africa and are in colours of white and pink only. Their nickname is due to their resemblance to dancing  ladies in dresses. Growing to just a few centimetres, the  blooms grow on a plant that is only 30 centimetres  across. Dancing Girls make beautiful additions to  hanging baskets, but in the garden, will take root  wherever they touch the soil. 

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Monkey Face Orchid


Monkey Face Orchid (Dracula  simiaHaving its two long, fang-like petals is a good reason for this flower to be called, ‘Dracula’.
It has two little eyes, fuzzy dotted eyebrows, furry little nose and a beard that also makes it look like a monkey from a distance.
This plant is a rare oddity and is only found in the forests of Peru and Southeastern Ecuador at altitudes of more than 3,000 feet. (915 metres)Its flowers smell like ripe oranges, blooms all year round making it a prize for any orchid lover’s garden.





The Passion flower or Clock Flower in Japan

The Passion Flower 

The Passion Flower is also known as the Clock  Flower in Japan. Spanish missionaries were the people who named it due to it  being alike  to parts of the story of the crucifixion of Jesus  which  is also named ‘The Passion’. This  flower has an amazing  perfume that is used  commercially as a tasty fruit flavouring for many culinary dishes. You probably aren’t  aware that this flower is eaten by caterpillars  and butterflies so is grown on butterfly farms. How  neat is that!!