Floral Emblems for Australia and its states and territories.

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Floral Emblem of Australia
The Golden Wattle 
(Acacia pycnantha Benth)

 An Australian stamp with the Golden Wattle emblem                                                                            The Golden Wattle tree           Australia Day 1990 stamp with the Golden Wattle

Australia’s national colours are the same colours that the Golden Wattle displays. It is a symbol of unity and withstands Australia’s droughts, bushfires and winds. The Golden Wattle represents the spirit of the Australian people.  A sprig of wattle is often worn on a national day of mourning.  Australian stamps have been designed using the Golden Wattle and it has been used on many awards in the Australian honours system.  A single wattle flower is the emblem of the Order of Australia.  National Wattle Day was started in 1913 by the Wattle Day League and officially recognised on June 23, 1992. 

Floral Emblem of the Australian Capital Territory

Royal Bluebell
Wahlenbergia gloriosa  (plant family: Campanulaceae)
On May 26 1982, the Royal Bluebell was chosen as the floral emblem for the ACT.

The Royal Bluebell for the ACT  Bluebell floral emblem for the ACT 

This flower grows mostly in sub-alpine woodland in the ACT, south-eastern NSW and Victoria. It is legally protected as a wild flower and is a beautiful plant in cultivation.  It can be easily grown from seeds, root divisions or cuttings. Choose a sunny or partly shaded place in cool areas, as ground cover, and in hanging baskets or in shallow pots. Add rich amounts of humus and plant in well drained soils. Also add fertilizer to established plants. Place potted specimens indoors in a brightly lit area.  The Royal Bluebell plant flowers from October to March and the flowers are short lived. 

Floral Emblem of Victoria

Pink Heath (Epacris impressa )
In 1958, Pink Heath which is a variety of Common Heath, was named as the floral emblem for Victoria. It is also found in Tasmania and New South Wales, Pink Heath displays its flowers in winter and covers the bushland with its glorious colour. A stunning tapestry of the Pink Heath floral emblem is on view at the Hotel Sofitel, Melbourne, near the auditorium. In 1980, a Pink Heath tapestry was taken to the USA and displayed as the centerpiece in Australia’s first American exhibition. 

 Pink Heath is the floral emblem for Victoria.          Pink Heath tapestry hanging in the Melbourne Hotel Sofitel                



The Victorian Tapestry Workshop, in 1980, made a very large tapestry of Pink Heath which now hangs in the foyer of the Hotel Sofitel, Melbourne.